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A question on rules

The Northern Baltic
29-11-2007, 22:13
Okay so I am the founder of a region. If I want to recruit nations for my region, can I TG anyone or do the people I TG have to be from the North Pacific, South Pacific, etc.,?
29-11-2007, 22:17
This is the relevant section of the OSRS governing whom you can and cannot TG:

Spamming:AdSpam: Spamming other people's regional messageboards (RMB) with adverts for your region. The only places where you are allowed to put advertisements are: the Gameplay Forum ( (they will be deleted if posted elsewhere, as being polite hasn't worked),
The regional messageboards of the game-created regions Feeder regions, defined as The Pacific, The North Pacific, The East Pacific, The South Pacific, and The West Pacific. Note that it is not legal to advertise in copycat regions like "West Pacific",
The Rejected Realms and Lazarus,
Official Warzones. And even then, don't over-do it. One ad per advertised region (NOT per posting nation) in any 24-hour period is the rule. Don't post if an ad for your region is still visible, even if it's been more than 24 hours.
Recruitment telegrams may be sent to residents of game-created regions. No 24-hour rule here - one per nation, period.
Sending unsolicited recruitment telegrams to nations outside of game-created regions is not permitted.
RMB Ads are allowed in player-created regions if and only if the World Factbook Entry says they're allowed. Whomever controls the WFE may set regional policy towards ads.Regional Happenings Spam: Going in and out of a region and hence filling up the regional events board with departing and arriving messages is known as Regional Happenings or Events Log Spamming and is not allowed. Use the Additional Information checkboxes on the Getting Help Page ( to capture abuses on the Regional Happenings. Warzones are exempt from this rule.Puppet Flooding: Any player creating large numbers of puppets for the purpose of spamming and/or annoying a region, be they invaders, defenders, or natives, may find all such puppets ... and their main nations ... deleted without warning as Regional Happenings spammers.
Regional Messageboard Spam: Spamming a regional messageboard. Only Founder nations may clear the spam. It helps if you clear it with messages saying '--clearing spam--' or something to avoid being accused of spamming yourself. (Delegates and other nations controlled by the Founder MAY NOT substitute for the founder. If your region has no active founder, you may NOT clear spam.) Nations who keep spamming a particular region are Griefers which is far more serious. Report RMS using the Getting Help Page (

UN Advertising Spam: Region natives are welcome, even encouraged, to post discussions of UN proposals and resolutions on their regional message boards. UN business is part of the region and part of the game.
Non-natives and region-hoppers are forbidden to post UN advertisements or requests for proposal approval outside of their native region. Note that the Pacifics, Lazarus, and the Rejected Realms do not receive special treatment here. UN approval requests have even less relevance in the feeder regions than they do in player-created regions, and are thus forbidden. Requests for proposal approval may be telegrammed to UN delegates, except where the region's World Factbook entry designates otherwise. More than one request per proposal may be considered spam and should be avoided. Spammers will typically receive a mod telegram, and may also be warned. Egregious or deliberately offensive spammers will be dealt with accordingly.
The Northern Baltic
29-11-2007, 22:24
This is the relevant section of the OSRS governing whom you can and cannot TG:

Thank you.