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06-11-2007, 22:57
Mods only, please.

After I kindly ask not to be involved in this popularity thread as I had been nominated for "most Swedish", this is the result:

First this "category" is added: "Most Consistent in Kvetching About How Much He Doesn't Like Popularity Threads, Suggesting He Really Wants More Votes".

Then I am accused of being "most arrogant" or having the "biggest ego".

Then I am accused of being "most likely to run whining to the Mods".

Then this.

Then that.

This is exactly the reason I asked not to be involved in the thread in the first place, because it is so predictable that it would eventually become a mean-spirited and childishly baitish ignominy thread where people just pile on with the barbs and expect to get a rise out of you. Now, I don't care about the barbs themselves and don't want anyone reprimanded for anything, I would just like to be excluded from the "fun" of the attempted puerile insults.
06-11-2007, 23:49
I will go through it and edit out all the references to yourself. You have every right not to be included in such a thread if you don't want to, and you're right, they are getting flamish.

I'm not closing it yet, despite the spamminess. I'm hoping that, if left alone, the Generalites will get this burst of community fluffiness out of their systems. Obviously, I'll be keeping a close and jaundiced eye on it.
07-11-2007, 00:31
Thank you, Ardchoille.
Imperial Brazil
07-11-2007, 00:40
Awww, poor little baby. Are your feelings hurt? Is your fragile little ego shattered? No need, of course, for one of your typically snide, vacuous retorts.
07-11-2007, 00:44
Imperial Brazil, flamebaiting in Moderation, see you in three days.