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Greater Trostia
03-07-2007, 20:26

The debate didn't go too well, and then we have gems like these:

Now I suppose that could be interpreted as just a form of light nazi humor, homosexuals go to the concentration camp, ha-ha. But given the posts I've seen so far I don't think it is.
03-07-2007, 20:37
The debate seems to be going fine. There's one badly misinformed proponent, and a whole raft of people shredding his arguments using reasonable debate techniques. That, and of course the spammers, but they seem pretty mild this time around.

I'm seeing 'light nazi humor' and a poster who will be utterly destroyed in any debate he enters. If it gets worse, it might be actionable. As it is now, the only offense I could charge him with is racism, which still isn't against the rules.
Greater Trostia
03-07-2007, 20:45
I thought advocating criminal actions like uh, putting people into concentration camps was kinda against the rules.
03-07-2007, 23:23
I'll grant you that running a concentration camp is considered to be an individual war crime according to the United Nations, but it's no more a crime (here or there) to state "you belong in a concentration camp" than it is to say "why don't you just curl up and die". I'll further grant you that I personally find the player's opinions abhorrent, and hope that the respondents to that thread tear him a new one, metaphorically speaking.

Even with those two grants, I still don't see it breaking the rules of this site. I'm giving strong odds that should he stay around, he'll cross that line much more clearly, and I'll be quite happy to enforce that rule-breaking when it occurs. Based on what I saw this morning, I don't see it.

I'd welcome opinions from other mods, if anyone else wants to weigh in and agree or overrule me.