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Secret Aj Man

05-07-2006, 03:28

been in jail for less noble file away.

like i said,you have every right to do whatever you want,but to not to do with impugnity.

i will gladly go to jail for the pleasure of hitting i would gladly go to jail for your right to burn the flag.

i dont respect people like ask for me to accept your right to disrespect my country,my family that fought and died for the flag you so flippantly be a "look at me" asshole..i would have a semblance of respect for you, actually did something a tad more meaningfull...but to be a fucking punk to get attention...afraid not.

i reserve the right to stomp your punk ass that people died to protect your right to be an idiot,look at me...twit.

by the way,i hate violence..but i hate twits that want attention and know nothing more then..look at me..the rebel..until it comes to blows..pussy.

again,i will fight for your right to act stupid,but dont exspect to not be bashed!

me thinks,that people that really cared about freedom suffered a tad more then a punch in the face

Threatening to Hit just because I burned a little flag is going overboard. I don't even see anything I did as flamebaiting as I was just stating what I did because somebody asked, not in an attempt to annoy.