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Ok... so Im wrong...? or...

26-02-2006, 01:34
I have seen Fris close a many thread in Gameplay because they are having to do with Roleplay stuff and thus shouldnt be placed in Gameplay. Now, I like to forewarn those who do so, I do not claim in any way to be a Mod or even claim to know everything there is to know about the forums, but... now I am being mad-dogged about telling the poster that...

I said that these two threads probibly shouldnt be in the Gameplay section. Now, perhaps I a completely wrong, but how about us taking a gander at this thread that Fris closed:

If that doesnt suit you, how about these:

So am I wrong? Should I stop telling these people to stop? Can RP stuff be posted in the Gameplay section?:confused:

I understand that its not my place to tell them that they can and cant post in some forums, but I just wanted to tell them that they should just post in the other one because the Mods would have to come along and close the current one. I am just trying to save everyone some time, but if I should knock it off, let me know.

Now, as to this person who is hounding me for this, I would just refer him to the above links, but I would like to be clarifed myself as well. This should be a short and sweet one with no problems, sorry to even bother you with it.

Sincerely, Qlestine
The Most Glorious Hack
26-02-2006, 02:08
Unless we're reading Gameplay at the time, we're highly unlikely to notice factbook threads. Simply telling people they're wrong and adding "*waits for mod*" doesn't do anybody any good. They can't move the thread, and if we don't know it's there, we won't move the thread.

Reporting it here, as Kenny told you, is the proper way to deal with such situations.
26-02-2006, 03:51
Reporting it here, as Kenny told you, is the proper way to deal with such situations.

Ah. Understood. Thank you very much. I will do so next time, I just figured there was a Gameplay forum Mod that was in charge of it, my apologies. ;)