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Restoration Of Nation (Darth Hideous)

18-02-2006, 21:55
Dear: Mods
From: Me

One of my good friends has asked me if he cold get back into NS. I sadly informed him that his nation had ben deleted. He didn't recive much computer access but whenever he did he logged onto the nation with the eye-catching name of Darth Hideous. So I ask, can his nation be restored? He knows the password so can you just make it, (exist?).

In all due respect,
The Most Glorious Hack
18-02-2006, 22:19
Typically, we prefer these sorts of things to be done through the Getting Help Page...

...but I'm feeling kind, so I've restored it.
19-02-2006, 16:49
Thank you, my friend was very happy about having a good nation so he could compete somewhat with our billioners (my sister also plays).