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Request for Thread Clutter Clean-Up

22-10-2005, 18:14
If the following posts could be deleted, I would be most grateful.

I have no problems with Southeastasia (in fact, I look forward to RPing with him in the future), but I would prefer that he not clutter this particular thread with things that have nothing to do with Project Ethereal. I would rather he just TG me about such things, and I have let him know this. I often use this thread as a reference for other people whose RPs I request to use Spectral Operatives in, and I would rather SEA's communiques not be part of the thread, so as not to confuse those people. Thanks.

EDIT: If possible, I would prefer that the "deleted by x" messages not be present.
22-10-2005, 19:28
Taken care of.
23-10-2005, 02:42
Thank you much, Euro.