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Deletion, please.

Snake Eaters
20-10-2005, 20:02

20-10-2005, 20:13
Thread Ownership: Roleplay threads are largely controlled by the topic originator. The title of the thread may include such statements as [Open], [Invite Only], or [Closed], and the first post may contain additional information pertaining to who may or may not participate in the thread. This should be considered carefully before posting, as editing in later instructions may not be enforceable. The thread owner may make a moderation request for post removal, player ejection from a thread, and/or post locking or deletion. Note: Thread ownership only applies to these two forums.

Noteworthy point here: OOC RP threads not directly connected to a actual RP thread [ie discussion of general ideas or design] are subject to the same rules as the general forum to avoid people trying to stifle criticism of their ideas using the 'originator controls thread' RP post rule.

The RP 'originator controls thread' concept exists to prevent unwelcome players from disrupting roleplaying and detracting from in-character posting. It is applied to out-of-character posts directly linked to in-character threads because only the posters in the in-character thread have any real need to use the attached discussion thread. It is not a blunt instrument to be used to silence criticism in pure OOC threads discussing general concepts, be it history, nuclear weapons, ship design or anything else.

Because of the fact that this is an OOC thread not directly relating to the IC events of a specific RP, but rather a discussion of future tech/population, it won't be locked.
Snake Eaters
20-10-2005, 20:27
Missed that part when reading the rules, my fault.