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Inappropriate thread

20-10-2005, 11:38
This thread seems to be totally inappropriate to a political board. At the very least it is spam like the babes thread.
20-10-2005, 11:44
We've had threads like it before. :\
Children of Valkyrja
20-10-2005, 11:57
Can't see anything wrong with it really, unless it becomes 'explicit'
Evil Woody Thoughts
20-10-2005, 13:39
I can't even follow the link due to the corrupted script error that's been reported in technical.
20-10-2005, 14:08
Heron-Marked Warriors: Your insults really aren't needed in Moderation. If you have nothing of value to contribute, then don't.

The thread is fine until people start getting descriptive with it.