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Suggestion to solve Hogsweat and follow-up issue...

17-10-2005, 02:15
Ok, let me state this first: Just bickering and complaining and blaming everyone isn't going to get us anywhere. Many nations have left, many others are considering leaving... big names and no names alike... We need to solve the problem... so far, it seems everyone's making it worse.

Ok, so here's what I suggestion: Allow Hogsweat to be revived. BEFORE YOU LEAVE OR BITCH TO ME, hear me out and read the rest... that's only part of the solution!

His last "offense" is that he was region griefing. However, he's what region griefing is defined as:

Region Griefing is the malicious cousin of "region crashing". Where "crashing" involves moving several nations into a region at once and taking over the delegate-ship, Region Griefing is used to describe the practice of illegally ejecting too many members of a region after invading it. Basically the same as Griefing, only it's a bunch of nations (the region crashers) doing the griefing. Report this using the Getting Help Page. More detail on invasion rules and infractions may be found in the Region invasion FAQ.

Now, the native's of the region elected Hogsweat, empowering him to have Delegate powers. He did not invade. Thus, calling him a Region Griefer is not, by law, or "rule", accurate. Given that he did not invade, what he did is not posted anywhere that I can see in the rule's thread.

Thus, what to do now: Revive Hogsweat on the basis that he did not break the rules as posted. HOWEVER, change the rules and alert the RP'ers to the changes in the rule via a post of some sort to tell people there's been changes in the rule, and from this point forward, everyone knows that that is actually against the rules, as it is posted. After all, how is someone going to know that it's against the rules if it isn't posted? Once posted, people will know, thus if they do it, they get deleted.

Don't get all pissy at me if you don't like this. At least I'm trying to get things fixed or on a roll... because if we don't, NS is going to be in a whole lotta trouble w/ people leaving left and right. And how can people truly enjoy this site if they're afraid to do anything because they feel the mods will delete them w/o just cause?

Don't let NS die! Let's get this thing fixed!

ADDED: And please... if you have any suggestions... POST THEM! This isn't the only way to go... it's a starting point though...
17-10-2005, 02:27
Actually, although I do see your point ViZion, I think it would only remedy the current situation. There is a massive underlying problem here in NS, and what happened recently is only going to get worse.

I say that we should just delete everyone and everything on NS, release all the names again, and just start over from scratch. They could, quite possibly save us from a lot of grief in the future. It would even give our mods a chance to regroup, rest, and reconstruct the site to include all the rules that should govern us, and make our roleplaying lives much easier, happier, and efficient.
GMC Military Arms
17-10-2005, 02:32
I say that we should just delete everyone and everything on NS, release all the names again, and just start over from scratch.

No. Seriously, we'd be hunted down and killed for our meat.
17-10-2005, 02:32
I've been through this already on other threads, so I'll cut to the conclusion and let you know what we are doing:

We're continuing our effort to ensure that the Rules Thread accurately reflects the rules of the game.
Bryn Shander
17-10-2005, 02:33
It is in the rules. He was warned that what he was doing some 30 times.

The Nation of $nation has been ejected from $region.

Note: ejecting large numbers of nations from a region is against game rules and may cause the moderators to take action against you!

That appeared after every nation he ejected. Note that it does not specify that it only applies to invaders.