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Not Just Some Pretty Faces

15-10-2005, 17:43
No doubt we'll see you all soon enough -- maybe sooner than we'd like -- but why tease?

C'mon, Mods, show us what you've got! Just a one-line post from each is all it'll take to give us the first Jolt Update Mod Avatar Beauty Parade.

And the first contestant i-i-i-s ...
The Noble Men
15-10-2005, 18:40
And the first contestant i-i-i-s ...

Probably going to send this to spam, lock it or delete it.

Maybe all three.

(By the way, I'm merely guessing that this is a spam thread. My words hold no weight whatsoever.)
15-10-2005, 18:45
Just look at all of our responses in Moderation to see our avatars. No need for a 'contest'.