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A little question

The Vuhifellian States
14-10-2005, 01:43
I don't know which forum this was in so I just posted in technical, it says "questions" so, hard cheese on whoever described technical if this doesn't belong here.

Does spamming include TG spam, e.g. "OMG I N00K UR coUnTry d00d, now u minez!!!!"

I don't know if this was already covered in the One Stop Rules Shop, and, seeing only stuff about General, II, foums, etc. in there, I figure it isn't.
14-10-2005, 03:06
If it's abusive, or you get several from the same player, report it via Getting Help. If it's just one, I'd Ignore the sender and/or delete the message.

Oh, and this is a question about Moderation rules, so iMove to Moderation.