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How graphic can we get in the RP forum?

05-10-2005, 16:37
Most of the RP's in II or NS are war RP's. And in war RP's there are often war atrocities. Mass executions, tortures, beheadings, raping civilians, and other horrific acts of carnage.

The question I have is: Just how graphic can we get? I would like to put more gore in the RP's, maybe even depictions of explicit sexuality, but I have no desire to see my nation of 700 million get deleted.
05-10-2005, 16:52
I don't think the Mods will allow explicit sexuality or excessive gore. You might be able to mention certain things happening, but you would not likely be permitted to get into detail about those events happening.
Super American VX Man
05-10-2005, 18:01
(Not a mod)

From what I've seen and done, the sexuality thing is a bit iffy. For extreme gore and any sexual stuff, it's usually allowed if you post some sort of warning at the beginning, such as:

This thread may contain grotesque depictions of violence and hanky panky! Enjoy at your own risk.

Something simple, but as long as you have a warning, you shouldn't be bothered by sensitive people who would only view it by accident. For sex, try not to go beyond what you might see in an R movie.

Hope that helps!
05-10-2005, 18:23
Explicit sex is not allowed, and we can thank Decisive Action for that.

And as far as gore, from what I hear it is alright, provided there is a warning and said gore is not pointless, IE: there is some sort of plot behind it.
05-10-2005, 23:03
Explicit sex is right out, even more so if it's explicit rape. It doesn't make you look badass, it just makes you look like a sicko.

Automagfreek is more or less right with the violence; gratuitous violence ("for the sake of it") is also right out, so you'd better have a reason for it. Even so, we'd like to keep it to a minimum.

Super American VX Man is on the right track - having a disclaimer will help your case a good deal, and it may help you to think of it in terms of movie ratings - but be thinking "PG13" rather than "R21".

If you feel you must do it, try to imply rather than describe - it's less likely to land you in trouble, and it's often a heck of a lot more effective.

~ Tsar the Mod.
The Most Glorious Hack
06-10-2005, 01:20
Tsar's right on the ball here. My comments are just my views as a player.

If I was you, I wouldn't bother. The number of people that can write graphic scenes that are good are few and far between. To put it bluntly, most people suck at it. They're trying so hard to be eXtreme and EDGY! that they fail miserably at the important things. Like plot and character development.

Something your really, really, really, really need to ask yourself is: "Why am I including this scene?" If you're including it because that's how the characters are driving things, then you should start thinking how to write it. If you're just including it to try and show what a badass you are, don't bother: you'll either break the rules and get punished, or not break the rules and throw some more crappy RP on our forums.

And yes, I meant "how the characters are driving things". If you aren't at the point where your characters can write themselves, then you probably aren't at the point where you can meet NS requirements and still have something worthwhile written.

From where I'm sitting (just from reading this thread, I've never seen your RP), it looks like you want to add the gore for the RAWR factor. If this is the case, please: don't bother. Gore doesn't make a bad RP compelling, it just makes it messy.
06-10-2005, 01:35
Gore doesn't make a bad RP compelling, it just makes it messy.
And stupid.
06-10-2005, 02:15
And stupid.
And a little concerning
06-10-2005, 10:32
I think most of the original question has been answered, but consider this bit:
Most of the RP's in II or NS are war RP's ...

I haven't been part of a war RP yet, and I don't intend to be, largely because I get lost in all that detailed machinery/troop movements stuff. Despite this handicap, I've been able to RP in both NS and II forums.

If you want some ideas on RPs that don't involve wars, check out this post ( and this one ( in Euro's RP tips.

After all, in diplomacy, "explicit" is just another way of spelling "doomed".

Thanks for starting this thread, as you've drawn out some of the many entertaining AND/OR funny, subtle, adventurous, complex, evocative writers I admire on NS.
GMC Military Arms
06-10-2005, 10:55
The question I have is: Just how graphic can we get? I would like to put more gore in the RP's, maybe even depictions of explicit sexuality, but I have no desire to see my nation of 700 million get deleted.

Gore is something you put in RPs because it's absolutely necessary as part of telling the story, not because you want to have Another Messy Goddamn Decapitation. It's always best to keep it to the minimum possible, since description of entrails flying around just distracts from the story after a while. It gets silly, not shocking.

Explicit sex is out. It's not necessary for anything in NS to go anywhere past the standard start undressing / pan away to the fireplace, if even that. There were some guidlines posted a while back at , which is as good as any set of guidelines you'll find for acceptable content.
Dread Lady Nathicana
06-10-2005, 16:24
As one who's written several things that could be considered to skirt the line, I agree with the suggestions already made here.

If you put in something of questionable content, be sure there's a point to it, and be sure the way in which you present it isn't too graphic. I'm of the opinion that there is very little that can't be addressed in rp, so long as there is a point and some skill in the delivery. RP isn't always about sunshine and daisies after all. Nor should it be all about 'how much we can make someone wince or feel queasy or offend'. Too much of anything ends up being pointless and laughable.

Anyone is capable of spouting obscenity.

Anyone is capable of talking dirty just for the sake of it.

Anyone is capable of tossing out their cybersex fantasies for the public to gawk at.

Anyone is capable of splashing gore about like it's cheap wine.

It takes true talent to address uncomfortable issues in such a way as to evoke responses from your readers while not convincing them you have no right to be posting on the boards. While I don't claim to have that myself, it is something I at least try to shoot for.

/putting in my $.02
06-10-2005, 18:38
And stupid.
Hmmm, I wonder who it was that named me 'Captain Tact'.... [/repaying personal grievance]

Anyway, I find that most RPs can get along without any explicit sex or violence. I've done both war and character RPing, and even in one in which the central character was a violent rapist (and everyone was trying to figure out who did it) didn't need to get graphic at all. Unless it's absolutely necessary, don't do it.

Also, everyone else's points in here are good.
Children of Valkyrja
06-10-2005, 19:03
As far as I am concerned, if you are having an 'affair' with another player and want to carry on with a roleplay, when it gets to the 'intimate' parts, take it off the thread.
It can always be done via email, instant messenger or TG.
There really is no need to have it public.

Well again, if you really feel the need and there are players who wish to play this out, take it off the thread.
If you are describing it, well.....don't..... I am sure that those who pop in and read know what happens and there is no need to go into details.

The furthest I have ever gone when describing violence in public was an attack on a village made by were wolves.
I described the beginning of the attack from the werewolves perspective, then the reactions of those who discovered the decimation and how they felt.
I hope that it was descriptive enough to give the reader a clear enough view of what had happened, without going into the 'nasty' stuff in between.

Finally, Age warning?
Do me a favour, the first thing that someone who sees a warning does is to click on the thread to find out why.

So my advice?
Forget sex and over the top violence and if you feel that you muct, take it off the thread.
06-10-2005, 19:23
We've got some great advice from plenty of people on here, so I think the thread has served its purpose. iLock.
06-10-2005, 19:29
How long does it take to lock it? It's been 10 minutes by now...
06-10-2005, 19:34
How long does it take to lock it? It's been 10 minutes by now...

It would help if I actually 'closed' the thread. :(