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RP thread in general

Daistallia 2104
05-10-2005, 11:51
This needs a move to NS:
GMC Military Arms
05-10-2005, 11:59
Nope, that's a thread about the videogame Tropico, not an RP thread. There's not really enough there for it to qualify for the NS forum, any more than, say, a discussion of national animals.
Daistallia 2104
05-10-2005, 13:07
How is a thread asking players to:

take the most prominent leader of your main Nationstate.

and give a description, not an RP thread?
Children of Valkyrja
05-10-2005, 15:26
Let's have some fun. The PC game Tropico allows a players to be "presidente" of a small, obscure Caribbean island, starting in the 1950s. Players plan the island, create their dictator's characteristics, and rule through the Cold War era into modern times (unless the island inhabitants successfully rebel against the government, or a foreign superpower intervenes).

Seems easy enough to understand to me......

What I read is:
What if your nation state was an island in this game, how would your leader turn out?

To me it's like saying
"If the leader of your nation state rode a motor bike, what kind would it be?"
"If the leader of your nation states was a contectionery, what kind of cake would it be?"
GMC Military Arms
05-10-2005, 16:15
And as I pointed out above, neither is IC enough for the NS forum, any more than 'if your national animal is a llama, why is that better than a squirrel?' [in the gameplay forum title]. I don't see any real need to move that out of General.