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Nazi flag

03-10-2005, 22:34
Check out the nation [removed].
Nietzsche Heretics
03-10-2005, 22:41
as far as i know, this is more an in-game problem than a forum thing and you should probably file this using the getting help page (
03-10-2005, 22:44
thanks for the link, though I still feel this is the fastest way.
03-10-2005, 22:48
Fast, perhaps, but not correct. Use Getting Help in future.
Nietzsche Heretics
03-10-2005, 22:49
you're welcome for the link.
and i can understand you want this to be dealt with ASAP, but
a) i think that the getting help page ensures a qucik dealing as well - it did with all my stuff i put on there, after all
b) this is not a matter of wher you'd like to post it, but where you are supposed to post it. i guess it makes the mods' work a lot easier to have problems filed where the thematically belong.

quoting the one-stop rules shop:

Most Gameplay offenses should be reported via the Getting Help Page. This is known as a Getting Help Request, or GHR. GHR posts are private between you and the Moderation staff, and should be used for game requests where you have to name names.

EDIT// ay, frisbeeteria beat me to it