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Problem with joining the UN

27-09-2005, 11:49

I have a problem with joining the UN.
A couple of months ago, a friend of mine asked me to create a state for him.
I already had Moods, and I created the state for my friend using the same IP as I did for Moods.
Eversince, I cannot get access to joining UN because the message says I was banned once for having two states or something like that, which is NOT true.

I only rule Moods and thats all. PLEASE solve my problem and allow me to join UN again.

Thank you.
New Dutch America
27-09-2005, 23:27
Mods are strict on this rule.
One IP address can't have two UN members...
28-09-2005, 12:37
I repeat, I don't have 2 nations.
I only have one, the other one i just created for friend and he is playing from his computer using a different IP.
That's why i think is fair to give my UN membership back.

Thanks again.
28-09-2005, 13:52

If you got a positive on a UN multi-cheat-scan, then there is no way in hell that you are getting back into the UN with that nation, unless there was a mistake made by the system.

And no, its not just IP, they check with numerous methods and finaly a mod has to review the entire sweep and manualy remove multi's if there is enough proof.

So unless the mod made a mistake, your not getting back in, but if I'm correct you can make another nation and join the UN with that one.

Edit: Move to Moderation?
28-09-2005, 19:34
Mods are strict on this rule.
One IP address can't have two UN members...
New Dutch America, you've been told repeatedly to not post as if you know what you're talking about in Moderation and Technical. Once again, you have the facts 100% wrong. As has been stated repeatedly, it's NOT ENTIRELY ABOUT IP ADDRESSES. We have plenty of users who share IP addresses and maintain UN nations quite legally.

Since you seem incapable of staying out of these topics without help, you have been forumbanned for one week. If you post in either of these forums again for any problem that does not DIRECTLY affect you or one of your nations, New Dutch America will be deleted.
28-09-2005, 19:45
PLEASE solve my problem and allow me to join UN again.
It was actually 8 months ago, and the other nation has been dead for 5 months. However, that doesn't change the ruling. A mod ran a cheatcheck on your nation, found adequate evidence (and it's more than just one or two minor connections - we have protocols requiring extensive proof), and ejected both nations. The fact that two different users were seated at the keyboard is irrelevant.

If you want to play a UN nation, create a second nation for that purpose. Nations ejected for rulebreaking are not readmitted to the UN.