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Well, this is lovely.

24-09-2005, 16:53

But is it a flame, or a troll?
Will we ever know?
24-09-2005, 16:59
A request - and possibly not a valid one, as it could be construed as direct flamebaiting - was made by the thread starter to 'fling mud' back. Achtung 45 also follows his opening line with 'jk!'. Claiming something is a joke is by no means infallible - but in this case it looks to me to be more that he is satirising some of the more vitriolic liberals. It doesn't really seem like a genuinely intended flame. As for Rotovia-, I don't think 'fling mud' is actually a request for flaming.
24-09-2005, 17:03
Not really actionable. Seems he's just kidding.
24-09-2005, 17:08
Judging by his past post history, I doubt that he is.
But it is your call.