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baddly classified threads

23-09-2005, 21:57
There are a lot of threads in general that belong in gameplay, and should be moved.
Anyway, here is the latest thread in general that belongs in gameplay (, please move it.
23-09-2005, 22:01
The first post is IC, therefore it goes to International Incidents or Nationstates.

iMove to International Incidents.
23-09-2005, 22:01
It's almost IC. I guess Gameplay is the best place, even so, but frankly threads like this never last long. I don't know why they aren't classified as spam.

What definitely IS spam is post #5.

EDIT: Whoops, posted as Euro did. Ignore me.
23-09-2005, 22:03
Well, I did not notice, but thanks for moving that thread away from general, it does not belong there.