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Help to understand the rules of recruiting

DSTS recruiter
21-09-2005, 02:16
I have one question that I would like to know that I get different answer on.
Can you send out recruting letter to anyone you like? Like if I see a new nation have been created or if a nation applied to join the UN. Can I send a invitation to that nation?? Please tell me We are in different understanding.

Thanks for youir help
Pope Hope
21-09-2005, 02:31
I'm not a mod, but... can only recruit out of the following regions:

the Pacific
the East Pacific
the North Pacific
the South Pacific
the West Pacific
the Rejected Realms

That's a game rule.
DSTS recruiter
21-09-2005, 20:49
So, no one can send a invitation except in the above region?? I can NOT send out recruiting letters from UN??? I know we can not post a invitation on a regions HQ...except above menchen region, but we can't send out a invitation to all?!?! Right?
Bacause then I have done it wrong and I like to apoligize to all that have received an invitation from me...
21-09-2005, 21:01
Check out the rules here:
DSTS recruiter
21-09-2005, 21:21
Thanks you for that... Now I know I did wrong and I apoligize. I hope this is not meaning I be Deleted?? I was not knowing that this was not alowed... Please, except my apoligize...

The Capt'n of The DST Recruiter
Pope Hope
21-09-2005, 22:16
I think that would depend on if anyone you tried to recruit out of a player-created region reported you for it. Given this thread I'd assume you'd only get a warning unless you have any previous rule infractions. /not a mod