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19-09-2005, 19:11
So now it's ok for me to be called a "fool?" Sigh. Post#3
19-09-2005, 19:20
You seem to have missed the joke. Fiddlebottoms said that only fools had quotes in their sigs, all the while having but a quote in his own sig. Innocent self-deprecating humour.

Then Laerod came along and said that only fools have sigs, not having a sig himself, lobbing the innocent joke back to Fiddlebottoms.

There is no flaming here. I myself have a sig, and I don't feel flamed at all, especially given the context here. Not to mention that I don't see "fool" to be all that flamish at all - the mods have ruled before that "idiot" isn't, so I fail to see why "fool" would be any different.
19-09-2005, 20:16
It seemed to be a joke. Out of all of the posts I've seen of Fiddlebottoms, majority of them have been joking, so no action will be taken.