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really noobish tg

17-09-2005, 19:19
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The Dictatorship of Omgitsdan00blandz
Received: 72 minutes ago The n00bish Star Warz like ship, The Godmod, was over the Sephrioth lands. "Drop teh n00x!!!! All of them!!1!11" shouted the N00bish commander. (N00x r droped, all of them wic is liek 4254artfg2347 kajillion
17-09-2005, 19:47
That was only after getting an insulting telegram from you!
17-09-2005, 20:19
saying you were godmoding noob
The Most Glorious Hack
17-09-2005, 20:34
Getting Help Page.
17-09-2005, 20:37
1) This request should have gone in via Getting Help

2) Sephrioth, you HAVE TO LEAVE THE TELEGRAM IN YOUR MAILBOX. Cut and paste isn't evidence.

3) Calling someone a "godmoding noob" is flaming them, whether by telegram or here in the forums.

4) The TG from 'Omgitsdan00blandz' wouldn't have been actionable in any case. However, the response on the forum would be. Omgitsdan00blandz, getting flamed doesn't give you permission to respond with flames. Knock it off, immediately.

5) Seph, trying to use mods as a weapon, especially when you're equally or more at fault, will get you deleted. Do NOT do so again.

6) We're done here. iLock.

( Edit: "When Mods Collide" ignored to provide a broader answer. )