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Question on National Information (Post limits)

Kjata Major
11-09-2005, 00:16
Well I have an unusal question, this is me thinking ahead obviously.

In short, are limits of something I want to post....stretching it a little too far.

I have a very violent, intensely psychological, drug abusive, manical, sexual-abusively, shoot-em up, religious horror, and society rebellion national origin story I want to do and later post.

Basically all the evil that is in Kjata Major and how it started, a complete story. i went through a few of the openings with Upper Xen. His only commentary on it was that is was very dark and evil. He then mentioned it was the Chaos Legions, but more evil and sickening.

I only read him several of the pages I done and yet it was only the opening on how my leader (Kjata) came into being through the hatred, anger and madness of one man who hates his job. Then how the illusion spreads and physically manifests itself as a demonic woman with the power to corrupt and control people by the misery that every member of the human race carries in their black hearts.

Some people are mad and psychotic, like my General Hein that has previously been exterminated. Though I never felt the Jolt forum would react kindly to the genocide and burning and massacre of an entire nation at his will. He was one of the only personal actions of starting genocide alone. He starts off his career by organizing a bunch of illegal immigrants to take the gasoline from the trucks and covers the massive building of the evil business in kerosene and gasoline then burns it to the ground. Performs drive-by shootings and bombs the rich homes of the oppressive CEO's, murdering their families and becoming a revolutionary leader.

Just a slight...not-to-descriptive part of it. I was wondering if what I described would be a little too over the top for a background on the people and leaders of my nation.

(Its IC so I know its a little less restricted, but AMF having been questioned recently here for 'piles of bodies' and that stuff makes me wonder what would my posts would get. AMF's one line problem was like nothing compared to what I was gonna do and it made me think to ask here first.)
11-09-2005, 00:28
First off, I am not a mod, just a regular player.

Secondly... You don't have to draw the intestines, heart, lungs etc to represent a human being, a stick figure can suffice.

You can allude to something and let the audience fill in the gaps. For example, my character comes in shivering and notes to his wife "Blimey, I've never seen more snow fall on our house in years!" It's quite obviously winter, unless they live on some weird planet.

Point is, you don't have to draw out every niggling detail. Have your President sway and slur his speech and have an aide frown and apologise, then quietly chew your President out in private for his sins and whatever.

Instead of talking about a massacre, have someone read a report about all the deaths, see a photo and then get sick (throw up) over it all.

I can give you more direct pointers if you want, about writing techniques.
Kjata Major
11-09-2005, 01:05
It all means something, its not senseless killings, it defines the characters and what and who they are.

Tips sure!
11-09-2005, 01:12
We don't regulate RP unless it crosses the line into one of the forbidden areas, as defined by Max. Those are, of course, * obscene
* illegal
* threatening
* malicious
* defamatory
* spamIf you think it might belong to one of those areas but aren't sure, your choice is simple. Don't post it.
Kjata Major
11-09-2005, 01:17
Ah....and what is called obsene and what is.....bad, but allowable. That's what I want to know of before I post.
11-09-2005, 01:23
Adejaani gave good advice. Try it.

We're not going to build a blueprint for what is and isn't acceptable. It's been requested multiple times, and there will never be a published list. If US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart can't define pornography better than "I Know It When I See It" (, I don't see why volunteer mods on a free game should be expected to supply a comprehensive directory of obscene behavior for your posting pleasure. "We'll know it when we see it."

Your standard (in American movie terms) is PG-13. If it goes beyond that, don't post it.
Kjata Major
11-09-2005, 01:43
Ah above PG-13.....Ok that puts a good idea on it. Sometimes I hear people like religious people thinking the word "Poo" is obsence just like "Hell". That clears it up. Thanks. Guess its a no-go though.

Few things I have, not even the names of the leaders and Generals, are all very symbolic and have ties to everything from religion to behavior to ideals. Though I definately know senseless and stupid is not good and is a waste of time writing.