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This has gone too far

Admiral Janeway
08-09-2005, 16:58
On the forums of WWSETI, at and, Hagge has been posting my email adress (which I did not give him permisstion to see), and what he thinks is my name.

I also just reported the regional happenings board of WWSETI. He called me multiple names, and said that you guys are working for me. Please help!

I don't want me on a forum being accused of something that i am NOT!

Thank you so much.
08-09-2005, 17:04
Well, the mods here at NS can't do anything about any offsite forums, so tough luck there. What I would do was change my email, or atleast activate the junk-mail option so you don't get unwanted emails into the inbox.

<--- Not a mod
08-09-2005, 17:12
Like there's a reason to care if it's not your real name. Just give a fake name - pseudonym - like I do, all're time. And what the person over said. No need to worry, 'less if you're one o'rese "Lawsuit"-people... But then you're takin' the net WAY too serious, o'cours. Why you bringin' this beef to us, here`? It's all're to personal.
08-09-2005, 17:21
A) Reports of this nature belong on the Getting Help page. You posted it there, so why are you also posting it here?

B) These comments from the peanut gallery are not helpful. Don't tell somebody to essentially 'suck it up'. If someone is releasing confidential information on this site, that's a problem that we need to address.

C) If it's not on this site, there isn't a thing we can do about it. See the One-Stop Rules Shop, the section on "Jurisdiction".

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