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thread: at vote

Love and esterel
08-09-2005, 12:50
i created a new topic with a poll for the proposition at vote
is it possible to put this one in "Sticky"?
08-09-2005, 13:01
Traditionally, the existing thread gets retitled and stickied. This gives readers the opportunity to see all the previous discussion and drafts and such without having to navigate to a new thread. I had already switched it over before seeing this topic.

Polls for At Vote proposals are unnecessary. There is a running vote total on the UN page that is actually accurate.
Love and esterel
08-09-2005, 13:03

i was told for my previous proposition at vote to create a new thread with a poll

but no pb

08-09-2005, 21:09
I disagree with Frisbeeteria's opinion:


For the past month I’ve been asking UN resolution authors to start new threads / polls for their UN resolutions, in order to “streamline” the UN debate. In the recent past (2005), whatever primary thread was used for the proposal debate would simply be stickied and treated as the official debate thread. All other threads would be deleted.

I was advocating against this, not because the idea of one thread is bad. In fact it is a good idea. But sometimes newbies to the UN forum read the first few *draft* proposal arguments, which are no longer valid and respond to those comments instead of the debate around the actual resolution. This sidetracks the discussion and is unfair to resolution authors ... in fact, this is a good reason to NOT bring draft proposals to the UN forum, as moderators sticking old threads are basically promoting "gravedigging" of ideas that are no longer valid. Thus I advocated separating the proposal *draft* discussions from the official UN Debate.

I also wanted to ask UN resolution authors to conduct a forum poll asking nations if they voted YES, NO, or ABSTAIN. The point of this poll was to identify the number of nations that were actually *reading* the UN debates, and to gauge if the UN forum was representative of the overall UN vote.

Here are examples of the results of a one of these prior surveys as displayed on NSWiki:

(Note: the figures showing the poll results might change … I recently brainstormed up a better way to handle poll results based on political polls being displayed in my local newspaper.)

The current resolution’s, “Adoption and IVF Rights”, author created a new thread:

But this thread was locked.

Instead the *draft* proposal debate was stickied (from a month ago):

I’m asking moderators to consider switching the actual debate threads (which start on page 7 of a thread that is current 11 pages) into Love and esterel’s new thread and unlocking the poll. Some of those early discussions seem to cover *draft* concepts, which in this case might still be valid (the draft hasn’t changed that much in the past few weeks as it achieved quorum so long ago).