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Might want to look at this

04-09-2005, 19:06
Um, I'm not sure how to show just one post, so I'll be using quotes, and a link to the thread. Anyways, this was from the Nickotopolean Spacecraft Storefront:

We are sorry to hear you don't beleive our starship building capacity. Our government uses an assembly line system in that all the major corporations build a specific part for the ships. Then we combine and sell. I believe you are jealous of my country. As the spotlight shows your people are obese, your pesticide levels are at an all time high, and convicts work as slaves. Clearly you are in no position to criticize my country simply because we're better off.

That is unfortunate that you don't believe in our power. if you wish to make an order please say so, otherwise stay out of our communication lines.

Frank Chasano
Chief of Transmission Security
Nickotopolean Shipyards

There are some idiots, then there are some real idiots, then we get to you dumbo.

If you cannot play like a grown-up, then just carry on making a fool of yourself.

Originally Posted by Nickotopolis
Photon Torpedoes:
Are essentially shells filled with antimatter that are replicated using photon beams. They can be detonated or to explode on impact. Does damage to surface targets as well as to targets in space.

Quantum Torpedoes:
Are shells filled with tightly compacted antimatter that can hold 5 times as much antimatter as a photon while still being the same size. Are also replicated using photon beams. Can be detonated or explode on impact, damage to space targets and surface targets alike.

Nick Hunter
Shipyard Overseer

Hahahahahaha!!! The child doesn't even know what a photon torpedoe is.

I'm not sure if this is flaming, flamebaiting, or whatnot, but too me it sure seems like it. But then you're the mods, and not me, so I guess it's up to you... Oh, and my response to the last post was me asking him if he knew what a photon torpedo was, in a sarcastic way. I didn't mean to flamebait/flame if that's what my post was. Here's the link the the thread, btw:
Everything's on the last page.
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Thank you.