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A dumb question about Nativity

04-09-2005, 16:21
I have read over the entire invader thread, wrote my own summary. However, I was thinking today about a new rule I inacted in my region (Please dont post a link in the RMB unless you are a native) and it made me think of something. Does the founder of the region have the right (and ability to) designate another nation as a native of the region? For example, could I send a telegram to a friend of mine who isn't in the region very long and say that my region recognizes him as a native? This would also mean that a founder could legitamate an invader delegate if he was so inclined (though few would be). I was just curious, as I would like to know since I would be able to limit exactly who could post links and who couldn't.

While I am not making this a MOD-only thread, I figure most posts on the matter would be speculative... if you post here, please have a quote from somewhere, as I am curious.
Pirates Roost
05-09-2005, 02:01
Interesting question. I'd like to know the answer too.
07-09-2005, 05:02
Respectful 75-hour bump
07-09-2005, 23:27
It seems fairly irrelevant.

The term "native" only comes into play during an invasion, and if an invasion took place that the founder approved of, they could use their founderly powers to let the invader take over. No need to "declare" him a native, which is beyond the humble powers of we players.

It all seems like quite a moot point to me.
08-09-2005, 00:05
I think Blackbird captured the heart of the matter. If you have a living Founder, then nativity is almost entirely irrelevant. The Founder controls the region, and can allow or deny membership based on his permanent ability to kick/ban anyone he wants.

As to "declaring" a native ... nativity is one of those subjects we hesitate to post definitive answers on, because experience tells us that we get tons of abuse and rules-lawyering based on even the most casual Mod post. That said, I'll venture gingerly into the murky waters of nativity. Please note that this is an off-the-cuff speculative post, and is subject to override by more senior mods (meaning everyone else on the squad). Please don't act on this as if it were gospel.


Would mods accept a statement from a living Founder saying "I allowed $delegate to grief the region"? No. The Founder may not even do that with his own puppets - the Foundership resides with the nation, not the player.

Can a living Founder open the region to known invaders, even to the point of putting up a password against everyone else, including existing 'natives'? Sure. It's his region. If he wants to let some other group run the place at the expense of his existing natives, I can't think of a legitimate reason why this would not be allowed. I can think of many, many ethical and practical reasons why he wouldn't want to do so, but from a rules perspective, I think it's legal.
08-09-2005, 02:29
Okay... I understand what you have said fris, but doesn't quite address the issue I was asking for a clarification on.

I have put in my WFE that NO-ONE except natives may post links on the RMB. This is such that others cannot drop by and spam our boards with Forum-adverts, since those are still technically legal. I do have a friend, who in the present definition, is not a native, but I would like him to be able to post...

I wonder if that makes sence.
08-09-2005, 03:45
From The One-Stop Rules ShopRMB Ads are allowed in player-created regions if and only if the World Factbook Entry says they're allowed. Whomever controls the WFE may set regional policy towards ads.
If I understand you correctly, you're saying that you currently allow regional advertisements, but you only want natives to be allowed to post links. (I don't understand the logic of this, since RMB links aren't hyperlinks, but meh ...) Per the Rules thread, you can set ad policy however you want:"Region ads are welcome, but only natives (and Bob!) can post links on our RMB"
We're not running around checking all the regions for ads - we generally wait until they are reported (or run across them when chasing something else), and the WFE post is as much for OUR benefit as it is for the potential spammer. That's the only reason we don't routinely delete nations who post in SPAM and SPAM SPAM - the WFE grants permission.

If you've somehow read the rules sticky to mean that people can post region spam on your player-created region, you're wrong. Unless you grant explicit permission, they're considered spam. Report them at will, and we'll delete the spam and deal with the spammer.
08-09-2005, 05:49
I wasn't just going for regional ads, but any sort of URL. I am tired of nations stopping by for 'olympics' or 'multi-regional forums.' If I understand you right, these too are also banned without explict permission. Since I have it stated that they are verboten except by natives, that should really drive the point home.

I thank you for your time Fris.