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How did this thread make it to NS?

30-04-2005, 15:32
Was moved to the NS Forum, and Im a little curious as to why... its not an RP, it is just another, DISBAND THE UN!!!! thread. Was this a mod error? Or a Forum error? Or what?
30-04-2005, 15:34
What do you mean?
It's in the Spam forum, not NS...
30-04-2005, 15:39
I moved it to spam. Are you sure you are looking in the correct forum?
30-04-2005, 15:39
It was originally posted in NS, and later moved to Spam. A re-direct was left behind, as is usual in the case of thread moves.
30-04-2005, 15:43
Odd, it didn't do that for me, I think its time I cleaned out my cookies.