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Pointless spam

25-04-2005, 21:17 I have no idea what this is supposed to me. My best bet is a cry for attention.
Mini Miehm
25-04-2005, 21:20
I'm trying to figure out what the hell this is all about, so I don't want thewm to lock it yet, not until it gets too stupid anyway.
Children of Valkyrja
25-04-2005, 21:23
If it was a call for attention, then I am sure they would have answered already, give 'em a chance before it gets chucked away. There are young'ns on here and they have to start somewhere, (thouhg not to sure where)
25-04-2005, 21:24
Both this thread and the thread you linked to are dodgy and should both be shut down.
25-04-2005, 21:26
they obvously didn't get to say waht they wanted! :)
Mini Miehm
25-04-2005, 21:31
This thread frightens me, I'm confused by it and that scares me.
25-04-2005, 21:33
Then I shall prevent your being frightened. ;)