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How do you create a sticky?

21-04-2005, 18:53
Once upon a long time ago, there once was.... Aw screw it.

Crazed Marines had posted up a sticky which listed all of the Nation Leaders
here on NS. Somewhere along the lines, he got his deleted (I beleve it was from his request). I thought it was a good idea to keep it going. Creating National Leaders origonal names is interesting and shows the nation's origonality.

Basicly, how do I create a sticky for National Leaders?
21-04-2005, 18:59
You don't create a thread to make it a sticky. You just create a thread that's so useful that other people nominate it for a sticky. But it's really up to the moderators to determine what deserves to occupy one of the 32 slots on a given page as a sticky, which would then mean there'll be one fewer thread that can get on the front.

I've had threads that other people have thought were sticky-worthy, but none of mine have made it. Does that bother me? No. I'll just keep doing the things that I'd do anyway and if one of my threads gets to be a sticky, great.
Crazy girl
21-04-2005, 18:59
make the post and ask a mod to sticky it?
21-04-2005, 19:16
Both of you have valid points but I think that crazy girl just hit the nail right on the head.

I didn't know that there was limited room for a sticky Sarzonia, now that is an interesting point.
Crazy girl
21-04-2005, 19:29
the mods, from what i know, want to limit the number of stickies, because too many stickies gets annoying..
21-04-2005, 21:48
That is the thread where Crazed Marines asked for his thread to be locked and unstickied.

Here's The Macabee's National Leader thread (asked for it in a separate thread):