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Why hasnt Anti American Alliance been banned?

17-04-2005, 15:53
Its fairly obvious that he is either a bad joke, an idiot, or a troll.
Its also fairly obvious that he is not going to STOP being one of the above.
Every post he makes contains something anti-American, anti-British, or anti-US-Ally-In-General.
If somebody had made a thread about how the Madrid train bombings had made them honry, what would have happened to them?
Please mods, kill the troll. Or at least ban this particular incarnation. Perhaps that might get the message through so he will at least try to be a bit more subtle.
Or do you want ANOTHER TRA equivalent running around?
(not saying he IS TRA, just that he resembles him.)
The left foot
17-04-2005, 17:49
"You may submit content to so long as it is not obscene, illegal, threatening, malicious, or defamatory, does not invade the privacy or infringe the intellectual property of a third party, and does not constitute "spam." You may not use a false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity, attempt to "hack" the site or another player's account, nor otherwise mislead as to the origin of information."

iWhere in there is it illegal to be anti-american?

Not obsence

Not illegal

Not threatening as far as I know

Not malicious, or defamatory,

Unless you can show me a specific post that violates this or Jolt's terms and conditions I don't see your point.

Disclamer: I am not a mod and I have not seen this guy post.
17-04-2005, 17:59
Why hasnt Anti-American Alliance been banned?
Have you looked lately?
Unless you can show me a specific post that violates this or Jolt's terms and conditions I don't see your point.You're not the one that needs proof. Moderators that saw the links have acted on the links, and now you can't see the links because all those posts have been removed. Trust me when I say that he violated the TOS in multiple ways.

Dontgonearthere, don't start up a new discussion topic when there were already two topics here on this guy. It's easier for us to keep up with stuff if it's all in the same topic.