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Flame (mild) in response to report to Moderation

The Cat-Tribe
15-04-2005, 21:18
This seems inappropriate. If it is fair comment, I will just respond or ignore it.

As I understand it, (and I am willing to be corrected if wrong) it was locked not because of Dworkin's views on sex but because the OP chose to "dance on her grave" -- to gloat, disparage her and celebrate her death. Actually, no, I didn't gloat that she was dead, nor did I "dance on her grave." I gave my own opinions of her, as well as some things that are little known: Like her longtime friendship with (and almost 'fanboy' adoration of) Micheal Moorcock, or the fact that she was married; despite her very public views about the very inequity inherent in such a relationship. (She did characterize it as license to rape &ct.)

The former, particularly is at odds with her public persona, and tends to show that she is a hypocrite in her academic dealings, and probably doesn't deserve a great deal of the respect she garnered in left wing circles.

I also invited others to comment, and give their point of view. At no time did I say I was glad that she was dead, or that she deserved it, or that she had it coming.

It was reported because Cat-Tribe has a childish vendetta against me - apparently. I didn't say this in the moderation, because I don't want to feed the fires of a flame war.
15-04-2005, 21:40
I think you're overreacting, but I'll defer any actual ruling to Katganistan.
The Cat-Tribe
15-04-2005, 21:43
I think you're overreacting, but I'll defer any actual ruling to Katganistan.

OK. Regardless of the ruling, I appreciate the comment.

I thought it might be against the rules to criticize someone for reporting something to the Mods. If not, no worries. The comment was relatively mild.
16-04-2005, 00:55
Fine, I'll edit it, if it bothers you that much. This whole thing is getting way to petty.

But the rest of my comment stands. I was not dancing on anyone's grave. I was reporting my feelings about Dworkin. And they are shared by others, indeed the London book review called her "Fat and Ugly." I was expressing an opinion, that is widely shared about a public figure that had recently died. I was not mocking the dead.

As I have said, repeatedly, before, I don't want, or care to fight about stuff with you Cat-tribe. But whatever.
The Cat-Tribe
16-04-2005, 01:50
I appreciate your editing the post. Thank you.

It was not my intent to fight with you. I thought the thread was against the rules. That is all.
16-04-2005, 02:12
Edit: You know what. This is silly. I would delete this if I could.

Here's my email Cat-tribe. Let's just work this out together, privately.

We can do that thing where we say what bothers us about each other, and what we like about each other &ct. and just try and get this thing behind us.