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Invasion Rules Clarification

--Great Britain--
10-04-2005, 10:41
My region, Great Britain and Ireland, took the delegacy undisputed (ie no previous native delegate) in the region Palestine, and has been there for approximately 2 months under two different delegates. In that time, we have made the natives a forum, and have gained the support of the former founder acting through a puppet and two other natives out of (I believe) the total five. The telegrams showing their support are in the telegram inbox of the nation "GB and I Red Tape". Now, as we have been here so long, and have actively helped the region to develop, and do not see ourselves as Invaders but Colonisers and Region Builders, now that the ADN and other organisations have invaded the region, would our nations that were there before their invasion be classes as natives?
10-04-2005, 10:47
While I'm aware of the current situation in Palestine, I'm about the only Mod active right now and I'm not a Game Mod. Nor do I have the detailed knowledge of invasion rules to help you properly.

Thus, the following is my opinion based upon what I've picked up, and not necessarily official doctrine; but I sincerely doubt that you'll be classed as natives.

~ Tsar the Mod.
Zombie Lagoon
10-04-2005, 10:54
I already asked this here GB, apparently we need more NAtive endorsements than the previous Native Delegate. But as there was no Native Delegate and there was no UN Natives, it's sort of a no hoper.
--Great Britain--
10-04-2005, 10:54
So what is required to be classed as natives? I mean we were making a forum for them, and getting them represnatation in Parliament (not to mention again that we had native support) and now some organisation like ADN can just come in, destroy everything we've done, password the region and leave it to die like they did to Hong Kong and Barbados?