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Venerable libertarians
09-04-2005, 18:09
I would like to bring a charge of Griefing.

As posted on the Regions Civil HQ....

36 minutes ago The Hibernian Kingdom of Venerable libertarians

For clarity of all residing Nations,

Posts of Complaint, Protest or questions regarding the Actions of the King in the Name of the Realm shall only be posted to the Office of the Ombudsman within the hibernian forums.

Any member not in compliance of this will be warned once only. Further transgression shall lead to ejection.
As founder of the Realm and regardless of UN Status, I may eject whomever displeases me, when ever i feel the need and with out explanation. I have been assured as much by the Game Moderators.

OOC. the reason why i am against the constant dissagreement of an opposition is due to the Time that it takes up. The game can be very slow and the change to Monarchy enabled My nation as King to do so much more internationally, in the name of the Realm including involvement of the task force in an investigation of a nation called Belem for Genocide against its civilians.
Also the Tennis game of words between my nation and the british Principality has bumped the Important message, Reminding the members to remove their endorsements and to choose to endorse either Irlynn or British Principality, with a view to he most popular becoming the delegate.
Our nations dissageements cannot be allowed to take over the Civil HQ.

IC. HRM King James.

22 minutes ago The Kingdom of British Principality
Be it enacted by The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, in presence of Lords Spritual of Temporal and the Commons:

That a Sate of War do exist between The Government of The Kingdom of British Principality and the Government of The Hibernian Kingdom of Venerable libertarians.

In order to preserve the values of democracy and freedom and the rule of the United Nations.

That the Government of The Kingdom of British Principality has sought and gained support of the Region of The East Pacific and that the United Military Rapid Reaction Task Force of the East Pacific is currently being deployed to engage the Government of The Hibernian Kingdom of Venerable libertarians.

HM Government would have it known that HM Forces will be stood down on concession by the Government of The Hibernian Kingdom of Venerable libertarians that:

- Regional sovereignty resides with Member Nations
- United Nations Legislation is supreme and sovereign to all else
- The Governemnt of The Hibernian Kingdom of Venerable libertarians conceed to recognising the entitlement of Member Nations to practive under United Nations Legislation.

Parliament of The Kingdom of British Principality

12 minutes ago The Kingdom of British Emirates

Under the Most Excellent Standard of The East Pacific:

The United Military Rapid Reaction Task Force of the East Pacific is stationed off territorial waters and land borders of The Hibernian Kingdom of Venerable libertarians.

The United Military Rapid Reaction Task Force of the East Pacific has membership of 4,368 Nations. It is advised that The Hibernian Kingdom of Venerable libertarians conceed. In 20 minutes Military forces will advance into territorial waters and land. At which time prisioners will be taken and the Regional and National capital will be occupied subject to the conditions imposed upon it by the Regional Executive of The East Pacific.

4 minutes ago The Hibernian Kingdom of Venerable libertarians

To the Nation of British Principality,
I charge your nation with Treason against the King and realm! Your Nation is hereby ejected.

To the Nation Of British Emirates, As a puppet of the Nation of British Principality Your Nation is charged with Agression against the Realm and you are hereby Ejected!

Any other Puppets shall meet the Same fate and a charge of Griefing has been brought to the Game Moderators!

Have A Nice Day!

OOC. To the Mods Is my charge of Griefing Legal in this context?
09-04-2005, 18:42
Not a God, but...

It seems as if this was just bad RPing in the RMB, unless he did other things.

BUMP for a divine ruling.
Venerable libertarians
09-04-2005, 21:52
It Appears i was Correct to do what i did.
British Principality Was invited here to the Realm by Venerable Libertarians from a region of his own where there was no other members.
he Asked Before arriving if Our members would endorse Him so he may post to the UN a new proposal. He arrived in the realm on the Corination day and on my behest, Grand Cali and The Divinity Endorsed His Nation. No Sooner was his nation in the Realm He took Offence to the Fact that the Realm had moved to Monarchy from democracy and thats when the Griefing Began. The King Accepted his challenge and over three days the realm voted in Favour of Keeping the Realm as it is under the Kings Reign 5 votes to three with two abstensions. British principality continued to Fight the kings reign on every point (Griefing!) Even still the King had patience asking simply that the complaints be lodged in the new office of the ombudsman rather than the civil HQ. The Ombudsmans Office is a Public office that all can see and was given the Additional Immunity to post whatever he wished there with out being Ejected.

Not content with this, Brittish Principality made him self a Puppet Nation " British Emirates" And falsely claimed to represent the EAST PACIFIC Region. On reciept of the Telegram from "Emirates" I telegrammed Infinite Loop, UN Delegate of some power for the East Pacific. Below is his Reply........

The Stabilizing Force of 1 Infinite Loop
Received: 85 minutes ago.

thanks for the intel,
I dont know who the person is, as the EP doesnt maintain any sort of
invasion army, if he keeps it up report him tothe mods, actually I may go ahead and report him myself, he is obviously up to bo good.

who do you believe him to be?

British Principality Was ejected because he refused to accept the Reign of the King and the rules of the Realm of Hibernia. He Concocted an Invasion Using His Puppet and for that he is charged with Treason to the Realm.

British Emirates as the Puppet Nation of British Principality was Ejected on the Grounds of Being an Invader threatening the Reign of the King and stability of the Realm and as an imposter in falsely claiming to represent A region he had no right to represent.

My Patience was tested here and overstreched. I had no Option but to take the steps i have taken. The Kings Justice has been swift.
If any other Nation is seen to be Linked in any way to either British Principality or British Emirates that nation will be residing in the rejected Realms.

HRM King James.

Posted recently on the Civil HQ.
09-04-2005, 21:59
You're the founder of your region. Without reading this whole exposition, you can do whatever you want with regards to ejections. Do I need to go back and read it all, or does that answer your questoin?
Venerable libertarians
09-04-2005, 23:06
answered fris. thanks.