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Change Nation name?

04-04-2005, 22:11

I'm wondering if it possible to request (And for you to actually do it, hehe) to have your nation name changed? I've never seen anything about it, So I'm fairly sure It can't be done, but I'd like to clarify anyway.

The reason is that i dont like the name of my nation (Ingsoc recruiter) As it obviously implies its a puppet. I also dont want to use another one, as the nation has a large population. Is there anywhere you can find nations with a larger population?

Thanks in advance mods/People on this forum :)
Evil Woody Thoughts
04-04-2005, 22:15
There's a region where puppets can be traded, Puppets Mart. Do a world search for it. I don't think the mods rename nations upon request though, but hopefully you can find a puppet with a name you like. :)
04-04-2005, 23:09
I don't think the mods rename nations upon request though
Can't, don't, won't.

It's a technical issue. Not possible without major problems.