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Pope threads: Merge Request

01-04-2005, 20:21
Would it be possible for all the pope threads to be merged? There are just tons of them and more are being created all the time.
01-04-2005, 21:10
Here's "a few":
01-04-2005, 21:35
Trollish posts
post 4
01-04-2005, 22:56
Okay, here's what I've done so far:

Merged a few threads that seemed to be rememberance threads.
Merged two or three threads that seemed to be debate about the Pope.
Merged two threads about Papal succession.
Locked two or three threads that appear to be borderline trolling. I'll be asking other Mods for second opinions on these.
Most of the rest seem (at first glance) to be too miscellaneous in nature to merge with anything else.

If this gets out of hand again, please post more links.

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation