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LOEL question (feel free to merge)

01-04-2005, 02:15
This question requires a Moderator or an Administrator response. I would therefore request that no others reply to this thread. I have no objection to this thread being merged with the other thread ( on this subject (I cannot post this question to that thread as it is locked at this time).

On the NSwiki, an article entitled "League of Empire Loyalists" was created on 13:55, 27 March 2005 (UTC) by an IP address believed to be the same as that belonging to "User:Kahta". On 13:56, 27 March 2005 (UTC), the same IP address edited that article to add a link to the LOEL forums. These forums (per NationStates v. Caelta, pending appeal, linked in the Request for Moderator-Only Response italicized above) may not be directly linked to on the NationStates forums.

On 22:46, 31 March 2005 (UTC), an IP address believed to be the same as that belonging to "User:ITD" filed a request ( that the article "League of Empire Loyalists" be deleted, to wit:
The link on this particular article has been banned on NS, I thought NSwiki would do the same despite it being a seperate entity. -ITD-
Since the NSwiki has been linked on numerous occasions from NationStates, my inquiry is as follows: Does Jennifer Government: NationStates wish the NSwiki to take any expedited action (such as deletion) on the aforementioned article? If not, the article will not be deleted until 5 April (provided there is a rough consensus to delete the article on NSwiki), in accordance with the NSwiki Deletion Policy. However, as the founder of the NSwiki, I would be happy to accomodate any official requests.

Founder of the NSwiki
01-04-2005, 03:07
While I can think of theoretical cases where we would request expedited removal of an article, this is not one of them.

To make such a request, I feel, sets a dangerous precident and should not be taken for as trivial a case as Kahta.

Kahta knows that links to LOEL are banned, and he's now caused us to ban links to a single article on the Wiki. He also knows that any attempts to avoid this ban (such as creating another redirect page, Wiki or no) will result in his deletion, so I doubt that this will ever become a serious issue.