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Warning procedure.

30-03-2005, 16:11
Just out of curiosity, what is the official warning procedure for mods on these forums? Is the warning simply posted at the end of a closed thread? Does it have to be worded in a specific way? Do we get a TM as well? Basically, as someone who tiptoes the border a little bit, might I have been warned and not known it?
30-03-2005, 18:06
Many, many, many warnings are unofficial. There is no set format for them. As a general rule, Forum warnings are posted in the forum thread in which the offense occured. There is a general assumption that contributors to the thread should probably go back from time to time to continue their response. We can't force anyone to read them, of course. Some of us will use a bold red official warning, just to make it stand out more, but that's not a requirement.

If the offensive posts need to be deleted and we still have an official warning pending, we try to send a Voice of Mod TG to the nation. If the offense is so egregious as to merit deletion, the nation is deleted without other warning. Inability to logon should be considered sufficient notification.

We make every effort to give the warned user a chance to see it, but we also have to document and track each case for future reference. Consequently, one public notification is considered sufficient. We just don't have the time to coddle rulebreakers by sending three or four different messages saying, "shape up, pal."

If you're skating close to the edge deliberately, then it's your lookout to keep up with your own posts and responses. We're moderators, not nannys.