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Region "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" degriefed - Natives may return

23-02-2005, 02:07
Region "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"
The Founder and Delegate have been removed. Let me explain my reasoning.

About two weeks ago, this region was griefed. It was refounded by a player *not* linked to the griefer (specifically, refounded by a General Franks puppet). Since the new Founder was not a former native of the region, a complaint was filed asking that the Founder be removed. I picked up the complaint and decided that the Founder should be removed (but not deleted, since he wasn't the griefer). I asked for a second opinion, but then forgot about the complaint.

That was a week-and-a-half ago. A new Delegate seems to have office in the interim.

Technically, this region was a griefed region which still hasn't been cleaned up, yet. Therefore, it is legally immune to invasions until the natives can return. Thus, the Founder and the Delegate have been removed.

I apologize for the delay in resolving this issue. The natives may now return. All invasions of this region are illegal for the next 4 days.

All nations who were not natives prior to the griefing are hereby under Moderator order to leave the region immediately. As I do not believe that this was a DEN region prior to the griefing, all DEN-affiliated nations are de facto non-native.

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation
NationStates Game Moderator
Rauhan Puolesta
24-02-2005, 21:55
First off, thank you Cogitation.

Here's two previous XML feeds of the region (cheers Ballo):

This region is made to honor the famous mistranslation.
How are you gentlemen
See the AYBABTU animation and what it's all about at:

Please endorse our regional delegate, wakiruma.</FACTBOOK>
<NATIONS> krisconsin: otyg: vandian: bachmein: plastic_soldier_land: jhiland: sekisetsu: mungo_mungo: trogdor_burninator:
vinmark: great_britainnia: norse_america: islamofascists: brit-land: rauhan_puolesta: greater_ruskaniya:
derpa_derp_derp: vicamad: the_allisonias: anaraug: questionsu: quod_sumeris: wakiruma: fhu_dms: spcsaw:
cowbelltopia: the_freed_men: sasafras: jean-bedel_bokassa: eastern_west_southland: pommiapina:
kamelin: limasee: regular_guys: come_back_nhl </NATIONS>

At this time the region were already under invasion by now DEATed Wakiruma and his/her aids.

<FACTBOOK>The griefers have been found in violation of multiple Nationstates rules, including mass-ejecting and use of UN multies.
The password has been cleared and the evicted natives can return home.</FACTBOOK>
<NATIONS> bachmein: rauhan_puolesta: questionsu: quod_sumeris: spcsaw: sasafras: jean-bedel_bokassa: limasee: regular_guys: hope_and_anchor: iltapala: wakiruma: limasee2: skull_head_face: coulrophobes: vicamad: vandian: captain_james_hook: ostendt:
tapiocar: pedro123: cook-a-doodle-doo </NATIONS>

Now, from nations in the XML feed of January 29th... I have bolded the nations which I believe are the natives. I am unable to make the determination if any of those nations are DEN-affiliated.

At least Limasee, Iltapala, Wakiruma and Limasee2 belong to invaders, some of them have been DEATed.

16 days ago The Confederacy of Captain james hook * Salutes * Captain Ramir at the rudder sir!
Ramir's a DEN-affiliated nation as well as the removed founder.

108 minutes ago: The Republic of Gyrotime arrived from The Rejected Realms.
Gyrotime doesn't show up in the most recent feed that was digged.

<NAME>All Your Base Are Belong To Us</NAME>
This region is still in the process of being de-griefed. Please see this announcement:
--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation
we_rock_you:sasafras:captain_james_hook:vandian:jerkwatertonvillensski:vicamad:crack_weasles:trogdor _burninator:
In this case, all the bolded nations have shown up in the previous feeds (and haven't been identified as invaders to my knowledge). Underlined ones are nations which don't show up in the previous feeds, or are invaders.

[edited the feeds' lines to make them easier to read after, no more so long lines]