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UN Protocol Broken

12-01-2005, 22:35
BON ACCORD has attempted two UN proposals called "War Criminals Act" and "Tsunami Donation". The War Criminals Act clearly states a dislike for George W. Bush/Tony Blair--neither men should be mentioned in the UN forum. The Tsumnai Donation proposal is attempting to get a link on nationstates to where people can donate to tsunami relief.

Neither are these are allowed to be proposals in the UN, and I just wanted to call attention to them.

Thank you.
Tuesday Heights
12-01-2005, 22:59
In-game violations should be reported via the Getting Help Page.
12-01-2005, 23:47
Tuesday Heights is correct - these sorts of things should indeed be reported via the Getting Help page. However, the Moderators do at times take a gander through the UN proposals list, as I have just done; I believe Sirocco is deleting them now.

~ Tsar the Mod.
13-01-2005, 00:00
1 minute ago: The proposal "Tsunami Donation " was removed from the floor.
2 minutes ago: The proposal "War Criminals Act" was removed from the floor.