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Help me please!

12-01-2005, 19:48
My nation Scipii has been deleted for no apparent reason. One day I was happily playing nationstates and the next it would not let me connect to the site. Please resore my nation as I've not broken any rules (not that I know of).
I'm very puzzled as to why this might happen :confused:

Thank you.
12-01-2005, 19:55
I have got the same thing - looks like there's something wrong with NS, not you.
12-01-2005, 19:56
Same here.. Every time I try to get onto NS it goes to PerfectNav and says it can't find the website. Maybe NSII is coming around?
But did you post as Scipii, saying that Scipii, your nation had been deleted?
12-01-2005, 19:57
If you're getting a "The connection was refused when attempting to contact" message, then it could likely be due to the server being down and not a problem of yours.

The thread on it is here (
12-01-2005, 20:00
Ok thanks. I have just been on MSN talking to my mate and he said the same as you lot. Being a Luddite I assumed I had been booted off however, this does not seem to be the case. Sorry for waisting your time.
12-01-2005, 20:21
This is a "Technical" problem, not a "Moderation" problem. NationStates is down. we don't know how long.

Maybe NSII is coming around?


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