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UN Mistake... Maybe

14-12-2004, 23:56
I have been playing on NS for quite a few months as a UN member. However, just minutes ago when I learned a younger sibling of mine suddenly began playing Nationstates today and applied to the UN, I was horrified. So, fearing my my nation's life, I quickly resigned from the UN.

What I am trying to say is, if the younger sibling applied to the UN with the same IP as my nation, and I quit the UN soon thereafter, will I be kicked?
Tuesday Heights
15-12-2004, 00:00
As long as your younger sibling didn't click on the confirmation e-mail that says you will join the UN, you are safe; if he/she did click the UN confirmation, but you resigned, you should be safe. As long as you both aren't actively playing the game as UN nations, you should be fine. Just make sure that you aren't ever both in the UN at the same time, playing the game.
15-12-2004, 00:46
Ahh, thank you. I guessed that, but I wasn't quite sure.
15-12-2004, 00:50
Okay... My friend and I both play on this computer... we both have countries in the UN... Seeing as we can't be logged on at the same time, it's not a problem, right?
15-12-2004, 00:57
Not so fast. Two nations that log in from the same IP address (not at the same time) will be interpreted as a UN-multi. An unfortunate necessity in order to keep the one-person, one-vote legitimacy.

I would suggest having one of you resign from the UN immediately. Sorry to have to break the bad news, but you're playing with fire at the moment.