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Account Deleted

This sucks2
13-12-2004, 19:37
I wanna Know Why My ST-James2 Account Was Deleted And Would Like It Reactivated Because I Have Not Broken Any Rules Therefore See No Reason To Be Deactivated.
Thankyou For Your Time
Tuesday Heights
13-12-2004, 19:40
You realize posting multiple topics of this in all the Nuts & Buts forums isn't going to help you, right? It only needed to go in Moderation.
This sucks2
13-12-2004, 20:30
No I didnt Know Where I Should Post This But Am Complainig That My Account That Took Me So Long To Grow Weas Deleted With No Reason Or Warning. And You Would Be Posting Too If Your Region Was Deleted.
Gothic Kitty
13-12-2004, 21:05
I agree. When you are deleted as newbie, you are already glad that you found this place, and you are feeling kinda panicked. Take it easy now. You'll get your answer sooner or later. Which region were you in?
13-12-2004, 21:11
Also, did you log in to your nation, or just the forums? Forum logons don't count towards the 28 day / 60 day deletion rule. You have to log in to every so often.

If this is the case, a simple resurrection request will solve your problem.
13-12-2004, 21:31
I'm sure being a UN multi, having an offensive flag, and being the puppet of a griefer had nothing to do with it. [/sarcasm]
13-12-2004, 22:40
...and I believe there may be a sub-ruling that states that "typing and using capital letters in every word is a DOS crime..."

I could be mistaken, but gosh...let's hope not.