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Can you help me?

Jagonian Colonies
11-12-2004, 14:50
I joined NationStates 3 days ago, and set up my nation Jagonian Colonies, but hwen i went to check it at 6 on Thursday evening gmt it said page cannot be displayed. All other web pages work fine, and my friends could get onto NS so i was v confused. I have 2 computers and can't get on from either. Could u tell me what i did please mods, or how i can fix thsi problem
Pls don't say its a problem witht our internet cos nver i have seen only one page unviwable. My only conclusion can be that u ip blocked me, adn i would like tro know why, bcos i really like this game, and i don't think i did anything wrong! :confused: :( :headbang:
Jagonian Colonies
11-12-2004, 14:51
:confused: :( also sorry if thius should be in tech, wasnt sure which to put it in
11-12-2004, 15:34
:confused: :( also sorry if thius should be in tech, wasnt sure which to put it in

Sometimes the site works very bad. Have you tried to login today? It said that your nation Jagonian Colonies was activated yesterday. Don't worry, it will not dissapear anytime soon. You have 4 weeks to find out what the problem is.
Jagonian Colonies
11-12-2004, 16:20
it still doesn't work and i was hoping to hear from a mod :(
Jagonian Colonies
11-12-2004, 17:29
problem solved pls delete mods
:) :) :)
11-12-2004, 17:32
No problem.