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Illegal UN proposal approaching quorum

08-12-2004, 18:00
Sorry, I'd normally do this via Getting Help or IRC, but it might not get seen via GH request, and I don't have IRC at work. Can a Game Mod have a glance at this, please?

Seperation of Church and State is the first proposal on page one of the List proposals view. It currently has 78 approvals, and as a Page 1 proposal could easily reach quorum by tonight.

It proposes to eliminate Theocratic governments, which is illegal based on Rights and Duties of UN States, Article 1 ... and I'm pretty sure by Max's rules as well. Other portions of this proposal also violate other UN resolutions. A pretty comprehensive case has been made in this UN topic (

Thanks for reviewing this.
08-12-2004, 18:24
Seperation of Church and State
A resolution to increase democratic freedoms.

Category: The Furtherment of Democracy
Strength: Strong
Proposed by: The milky lake

Description: Preamble: Religions have influenced the actions and running of states for thousands of years, from the sacrificing of any number of animals to humans to ensure some new success (or the continuation of old ones) for the people. This progressed to some great stains on humanity; the inquisition (and similar organisations on a smaller scale), the crusades, armed jihad and continued violence all around the world.

Article 1 - Any nation which uses a theocratic government must transfer rule to the lay people and democratise.

Article 2 - Ministers of any church will not be given automatic representation in the legislature, executive or judiciary.

Article 3 - Ministers of any church are unable to hold office in the legislature, executive, whilst a minister of the church.

Article 4 - Laws amended to remove any special protection offered to a religion; i.e., blasphemy laws.

Article 5 - Ecclesiastical law and courts are to be abolished.

Article 6 (1) - Preaching contrary to national, regional or UN law will become an offence of inciting to religious hate.

Article 6 (2) - Preaching of violent acts contrary national, regional or UN law will become an offence of inciting to religiously motivated violence.

Article 6 (3) - Carrying out a crime for religious reasons will become an offence of:

I, Religious hate if there is no violence,
II, Malicious religious hate if there is a violent element,
III, Grievous religious hate if there is a serious violent element or death is caused.

Article 7 - Churches will be unable to donate funds to political parties.

Article 8 - Churches have no place in politics, churches openly campaigning for laws aligned with their beliefs should lose their tax exemption (if they posses one).

Article 8 (1) - It should be open to the state and individual to bring civil and criminal proceedings against any church, which violates any of the above articles.
Note to self: To be done later

Add this to the "case study" topic - Game mechanics violation - Attempting to ban a sociopolitical system
Issue official warning

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation
08-12-2004, 22:22
Thank you.