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Flaming against me

08-12-2004, 00:46
flaming against me

...your father is a pimp and your mother a murderer...

There IS no superior culture, you douchebag.

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought from your words and attitude that you were some sort of princess. Hang on, I'm right - you're a princess with a penis. OK - I'll refer to you as "he" from now on.
08-12-2004, 02:24
Dealt with.
08-12-2004, 02:46
May I submit:

Well, I can tell you're a thug, you blame the victim. I'm sure you think that all women are asking for rape or sexual harassment because of how they dress.

I've lived here for 3 months, retard.

Ok, first of all, I'm a guy. Secondly, how do I have a morally bankrupt life? Because I correctly believe that my culture is better?

Thirdly, if you were able to read properly, which you've made clear that you can't read. My mom does what she does because she wants to be able to put food on the table. She majored in art history in college, so its obvious you're wrong on several other points as well....

Anyways, you seem to think that black music, like rap music, is part of my culture, which it is not. You can't back up your flawed logic, so you, like many other idiots in this world, launch personal attacks against my family, and myself who have nothing to do with me. All you've managed to do, is be unable to debate with my logic, because you're immature and can't stand people with ideals different than your own. Typical bleeding heart liberal.
Black music, such as rap degrades women, promotes violence, drug use, and other unwanted, but accepted things in other parts of this world, such as in England, where race mixing is common, and the collapse of the rest of europe is clearly imminent. I want in no way to be linked to the black music which promotes killing figures of authority, cops, or smart whites, who are regularly attacked by black thugs who like you, cannot debate, so they resort to personal attacks or violence. Blacks have been free for almost 150 years, and they haven't been able to match whites in any way. Even with special treatment, most of them remain in the ghetto, or in prison.