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Obscene Nation Names

08-12-2004, 00:15
A few days ago, the automated top-ten list displayed the ten largest nations in the world, and there was a nation named Jackassland on the list. I, along with a few other players, am curious as to WHY there is a nation named Jackassland on the top ten list? Haven't the mods (including [violet]) made it clear that such names are a violation of the "no obscenity" rule in the Terms of Service?

Please note that I have nothing against the nation of Jackassland or its player; that was merely the most visible rules violation. I'm sure there are other nations with names which are just as obscene, or potentially so. Jackassland and Assington are simply the only ones I've personally had brought to my attention.

EDIT: Yeah, I thought so. The listing for all the other Ass Nations starts on page 501 of the nation list.
08-12-2004, 00:20
A Jackass is a type of donkey, Assington is a town in England.
08-12-2004, 00:21
How is Assington obscene? :rolleyes:
08-12-2004, 01:44
Look, Myrth, I've had this discussion with you before. I KNOW what the word jackass means.

What is OK and what is not is determined by Max and/or [violet]. The mods simply enforce these rules.
Max's site -> Max's rules.

Remember those words, Myrth? You wrote them back on November 12, 2003. In a thread where the mods (including [violet]) ruled that a variety of nations with the word "ass" in the title are obscene, and subject to immediate deletion. Is there a reason why the mods aren't enforcing Max's rules any more?

So what's the deal? Is the word "ass" no longer considered to be obscene? If so, are nations which were deleted or renamed for being obscene allowed to have their old names back? I just want to know what the rules are, here.


If people really want to continue engaging in case-by-case defenses of individual nations, rather than clarifying the rules, please justify the existence of the following nations:

Ass and tittys
Ass Clownes
Ass hole mania land
Ass Pears
Ass Pillagers
Ass Raping (UN)
Ass Ripples
Ass Whompers (UN)

Edit #2

How about:


I mean, c'mon, judging by the populations, some of these nations have been in existence for months.
08-12-2004, 01:58
1. It's all about context. If we judge it to be referring to a donkey, it's fine. When the nation's national is 'the donkey' - it's pretty fair to say it obviously refers to a donkey.

2. Stick those in the Getting Help page, and they'll be deleted. We can't be expected to pick up on every single nation with an illegal name if nobody is reporting them.

This matter is closed.
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Tactical Grace
08-12-2004, 02:08
It is quite simple really. A comprehensive NS-wide scan for obscene nation names and their deletions takes a week, with 2-3 Moderators putting in several hours a day. I know this because Myrth, Stephistan and myself did it once. Over 400 nations were deleted as a result, or had customisable fields changed and warnings recorded and issued. NationStates never looked cleaner. But we simply do not have the resources to do this on a regular basis. We can only deal with what gets reported by players, or what we happen to notice while handling other tasks. Their actual existence does not warrant anger being directed at the Moderation staff.

Assington is indeed a British town. So is Scunthorpe. Note the presence of "****". Were someone to create a nation with that name, we could hardly accuse them of obscenity, unless other customisable fields suggested obscene intent. On a case-by-case basis, for hundreds of nations, we would have to check these and come to a decision, then act accordingly. It takes time. Attitudes such as yours are unhelpful.

This applies to all rule violators - flamers, spammers, UN multis, you name it. We can only address what is brought to our attention, or what we come across. I hope I have justified the existence of rule violators in this game to your satisfaction. A more constructive attitude would be to report them through the Getting Help page and let us deal with it.
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