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Please restore Crimsdale

07-12-2004, 22:58
I made this file a while ago then lost the internet, I really want to rp with it again, will you guys please restore it please, I'm so sick of being a lowly little country, it's like growing up only to find out it was a dream and your a child again.

It's called Crimsdale
07-12-2004, 23:12
Nation Resurrection Requests

This comes up a lot, so I'm gonna put it as an announcement.

If you want to have a nation ressurected, simply file a request at the Getting Help Page. (

You will only need to list the name of the nation. That's it.

We Do NOT Need The Password.

Posting in Moderation might get your nation ressurected, but we really prefer that you go through the Getting Help Page. (

Thank you.

Also, if your nation was deleted for cheating, flaming, or any other violation of the rules, don't hold your breath. This will return nations lost to inactivity. We aren't in the habit of returning intentionally deleted nations.