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Letter relating to "The Eon Convention on Genocide"

05-12-2004, 22:01
Dear Sir

I write to enquire about the current resolution The Eon Convention on Genocide and the moderators posistion relating to it.

It is my belief that the current resolution defies the games rules.

"There are two common mistakes inexperienced proposal contributors make:

* The first is not to have read the full rules before submitting a proposal.
* The second common mistake is to put forth a proposal which is not entirely within the NationStates world. UN proposals cannot address the rules or mechanics of the game, nor can they ask for new features. Proposals should also not address events, things, or people in the "Real World".

This resolution requests that a new body The Pretenama Panel (TPP) be established and therefore contrevenes the second bullet point here.

The creation of this panel also appears illegal particuarly considering that citizens of nations and their leader are being asked to be accountable to this body for those playing in character.

This is also pointed out by the UN resolution creation rules thread

"We should make it so that all UN Members can vote on proposals before they reach the floor", "We should be able to vote on 2 proposals at once", "The UN should create <multinational organisation>". All of these proposals propose changes to the Game Mechanics governing the running of NationStates."

Although I understand the moderators can not be effective at policing all the proposals submitted however I feel that proposals such as this which expand the role of the UN over the principle of national sovereigty have been treated more lieniently than those which contract the UNs role despite both types being illegal under the game rules.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my points and I look forward to hearing your response.

05-12-2004, 22:33
This has been addressed before. The crux of the ruling was that proposals requiring specific things to be done at specific times were illegal, but bodies that were sufficiently vague recommendations of roleplaying ideas (such as the IRCO or the ISC) were fine.

From Olympics Resolution disappeared! (
... none of the proposals you mentioned reqired events on the forums. There is a difference between "A comittee is created" and "A comittee will be created on the forums and member nations will vote".

Is it a fine line? Yes.
Did this proposal cross that line? Yes.Since it's impossible to use the game rules to create an actual genocide, there is no in-game reason to convene the Pretenama Panel. Thus, it's within the rules. This post by Cogitation ( sums it up fairly well.