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I need help to stop someone with multiple accounts

04-12-2004, 14:51
I was in a region but i have left because there is somebody with about 4 different nations who has ruined it

i know this is against the rules but how do i stop it?

how do u tell the game admin about it?

thanks a lot everyone

The Phoenix Milita
04-12-2004, 14:52
wrong forum

to report your problem go here>>>>
04-12-2004, 15:04
What was the regions name??
Gothic Kitty
04-12-2004, 15:27
It was the Anti Capitalist Alliance (Sp?)

Take it easy on this one. People can have as many accounts (Nations) as they wish. There is no need to report this. Only if someone has more than 1 UN member. In that case the "getting help" ( is most apropriate. I filed a complaint today, and it was solved the same day. There is no extreme backlog, that it can't be solved.
Tuesday Heights
04-12-2004, 17:45
Let's be careful to remember not to announce regional names and national names in the forums; innocent before proven guilty, remember?