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Delete 2 posts, request.

Decisive Action
30-11-2004, 22:01

Please delete this post by Roman Republic, he wasn't invited into the thread, and then delete post 55, my response to him, please. Thank you.

I don't want any clutter at all in there, thank you.
Decisive Action
30-11-2004, 22:02

He won't stay out, he wasn't invited into the RP and I've already asked him to leave... It's not even an IC affect RP, it's just for fun, what's his problem nothing that happens affects me IC-wise. Please tell him to get out.

And delete post 59. Thank you
30-11-2004, 22:41
I've removed the posts.
Decisive Action
30-11-2004, 22:45
I've removed the posts.

Thank you. :)
30-11-2004, 23:03
BTW, you can delete your own posts you know. You still need a mod to delete other posts, but you can delete your own.